Video and Motion Graphics

Consumers today engage more with video than any other marketing vehicle.

So if you want attention for your brand, product or idea, research shows you’ll get far more eyes and ears on video content than with static images. A professional and succinct video is a powerful way to get your message across.

Video is an absolute must for organisations looking to engage audiences.

  • Video Editing – focus on what matters
  • Training Video – teach your audience what to do and how
  • Motion Graphics – flying logos, text and special effects
  • Storyboard – minimize risks and get a better understanding of the whole process
  • DVD Design – creative matching and easy navigation for rich content presentation
  • Especial effects, colour correction, enhancements and more
  • Sound Effects – enhance transitions and important markings with professional sound effects

Taking it to the next level

  • 3D animation
  • Interactive features for multimedia presentations
  • Your very own Corporate Video Channel

Real world stats* you might like


More time on site

Internet users spend 88% more time on sites with video.


180 videos per month per user

70% admit to engaging in online video, and they watch an average of 180 videos every month.


Increase in online video consumption

800% increase in online video consumption over the past 6 years.


News through online video

Over half the internet’s population consumes news through online video.

*From a great iStockphoto article.

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