Good design is design that sells.

It’s collaborative, inclusive, solves problems, and pleases the eye. That’s what we strive for.

There are unique characteristics that set your business, as well as your products or services, apart from the competition.

These are your points of difference, your strengths, your attractive features. If you’re not flaunting them, you’re not effectively promoting yourself to the market. Having a strong and clear corporate identity will help you define and communicate what makes your business different. It creates a personality, and enables your audience to quickly identify and connect with your brand.

Marketing Collateral

Based on a well-defined creative, we develop professionally designed print and digital material to support your marketing and sales goals.

Branding Guidelines

Based on your communication plan we can develop a solid guideline to work as a creative identity blueprint to all your marketing efforts, guaranteeing consistency across multiple media.

Label and Packaging

Based on a well-defined brief, we develop digital and print design that communicates with your targeted audience and help you achieve your goals.

Corporate identity is more than just a logo.

It’s a set of design criteria and an overall approach to the way your present yourself visually and communicate with your audience. At Polvo Digital Arts, we have been creating corporate Identities for both growing and well-established companies. Ultimately, we help businesses strengthen their relationship with customers through a solid, well-defined visual ID and communication.


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