Learning Management and Induction Systems

E-learning is more popular and accessible than ever.

More and more, people are investing in self-development programs, learning new technologies and polishing their skills in all areas. The business benefits from the cost effectiveness and great flexibility of online courses, and so can you.


Need a course developed? That’s great – but will it solve the problem?

That’s the first questions you should ask. Other questions could be are we trying to address a cultural issue? Is it mandatory? Are we trying to change a behaviour or just setting the house rules?

Some suppliers out there will tell you training will fix everything and promise you the world. But truth be said, it doesn’t. There are a few situations where training isn’t the answer and the sooner you identify it the better.

BioGuard Training Mascots

Cartoon characters help explain complex concepts to non-technical users, saving BioGuard invaluable time on pool care training, available online for registered retailers.

BioLab Australia Product Survey

Retailers vote on best designs and provide feedback on existing and potential products. A comprehensive report is provided, so BioLab can make better informed, data driven decisions.

H2Know Training Series Mascots

Mascots developed for the Customer Service module of the training series. Each one represents a personality type, and will have their own specific needs and traits.

BioGuard Cadet Training

e-Learning program available to registered retailers, covering from the pool care and components basics to more advanced topics on chemical products, how tos and “dos and donts”.

Learning management solutions are really easy to manage, powerful yet user friendly, great for:

  • Induction, staff training (ie. OH&S, sales, marketing)
  • Powerful reports on attendance, completion and performance
  • Game-based solutions, awareness tools
  • Achievement awards and other gamification elements for greater engagement
  • Career path, micro learning, mobile ready
  • Engaging users, customer training and education
  • Option for drip feeding and payment gateways when required


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“Learning is messy”, said the teacher.

Different people learn in different ways. Some are more visual, others more hands-on and many very literal. With that in mind, we offer you the ability to create courses the way you know your audience will benefit the most – we can help you identify that too. We’re in this together, we help you develop and deploy, and measure its effectiveness once in place.