Drive your customers to act.

Start with a communication plan

Visual communication is a powerful way to reach your customers

It’s more than just a well-designed website, a clever print ad or a video. Your call to action will determine the strength of your success and ensure that your communication efforts are working for you. At Polvo Digital Arts, we know the dynamics of the marketplace and the tools that it takes to reach your customers and drive them to action.

Start with a good communication plan.

A communication plan is a written document that describes:

  • What you want to achieve through your communications (your objectives)
  • What you will do to achieve your objectives (your actions)
  • To whom your communications will be addressed (your audience)
  • How you will accomplish your objectives (the tools and timetable)
  • How you will measure the results of your program (evaluation).

We can work with you in developing a communications plan and determine the best tools to help you accomplish your goals.  A written plan will provide your efforts with:

  1. A day-to-day focus
  2. Clear priorities
  3. A sense of order and control
  4. Internal support from staff and leadership,
  5. Protect you against last-minute, seat-of-the-pants demands
  6. A template to measure success against.

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